Buying New Construction

There are still newly constructed homes throughout the Valley of the Sun, and as your Realtor I can help you locate them and negotiate the best deal. If you are interested in purchasing a brand new home, I have access to information about where these homes are located, what floor plans will work for you, and whether the builder had any spec (speculative, or pre-built) homes available.


I will accompany you to new home communities and am happy to show you the models or spec homes. I will also negotiate with the builder to get you the best price, the most options, and the best terms. Keep in mind that if you go to a new home community without me, the builder will not work with me later on, so you will be negotiating on your own (and the on-site salesperson represents the builder, not you).

If you choose to select a lot and have a new home built, keep in mind that it may take 6 to 12 months to complete. It is difficult to determine an exact time to complete your new home, so try to be flexible with your current living arrangements, and don’t count on moving on the exact date you are given when you sign a purchase contract.

Most builders in the area use their own purchase contracts, and the terms may be substantially different from the standard Arizona purchase contract, so make sure you understand the differences before you sign, and I'll guide you through this.