Vacation and Estate Homes

Throughout the Valley, there are wonderful areas if you are looking for a vacation home or a second home.  We have many home-owners who enjoy our ideal weather during the winter months, and we're happy to show you how you can be one of them!

Homes in Arizona can be low maintenance due to our desert environment, and 'lock and leave' is a favorite saying around here.  You may prefer a gated community, where there is extra security when you're not in residence.  There are many condo and townhome communities, as well as single-family homes available to you.

Would you prefer a location in the center of town so you can walk to shops and restaurants, or is a more rural environment, where you can watch the quail and hear the coyotes sing, more your style?  No matter what you dream of when you think of owning a home in Arizona, we can help you find it!

Some areas of the Valley are known for their grand estate homes.  Whether you're looking for a close-in location with easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment or a more pastoral setting where you can wander your land and enjoy the desert surroundings, I can help you find it.